Olivetti Smart Banking Kiosk

หน้าหลัก / ผลิตภัณฑ์ /

Our smart banking kisok solutions are designed and targeted to
simplify banking operations and to provide more convenience and
efficiency to the users.
Integrated with Olivetti MB2 printer and Olivetti A600 scanner module
inside, the kiosk is mainly designed for passbook updating and
cheque deposit in banks.


Mainframe – CPU: Intel G2030; 3.0GHZ frequency;
– RAM: minimum 4G DDR3;
– Hard drive: 64GB SSD or 500GB 720rpm;
– Network card: two Gigabyte network cards;
– Ports: 8 reserved USB port, 6 COM ports, additional ports available;
– Others: support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.
15* LCD Touchscreen – Multi-touch projected capacitive technology;
– Supports OS Win7, Win8, Win8, Android
& Linux.
Multifunction Printer
-24-dot matrix printer auto-board and auto alignment;
– Printing speed at 10 cpi: VHSD: 660 cps/
NLQ: 200 cps/ HSD: 520 cps/ LQ: 135 cps/
Draft: 400 cps/ BIM: 2000 dps;
– Printer Resolution: 240 x 360 dpi;
– Printer Emulations: Olivetti Standard,
– IBM PP & X24 Optional: WINCOR 4915;
– Scanner Technology: Contact image
sensor, flat bed;
– Scanner Resolution: 600 / 300/ 200 dpi;
– Scanner Colors: RGB 24 bit/ 256
greys/16 greys/BW;
– Scanning Speed: Max 10 inchs
(greyscale) Full colors 3.3 inch/s;
– MICR: E13B and CMC7 magnetic code
line reader.
Open-frame cheque scanner (A600) – MICR: E13B and CMC7 magnetic code
line reader;
-Double feed sensor: Ultrasonic sensor
detects double document feed;
– Auto-alignment module: Patented
auto-adjustment technology error-free
– Pre-scan inkjet head: 1 line, to print on
long edge of moving paper (factory
option), to support cheque validation
and documents protocol;
– Technology: CIS dual camera A4;
– Resolution: up to 600 dpi;
– Colors: RGB 24 bit / 256 greys / BW.
Contact IC card
– Communication standard: USB port/
RS232 port;
– Life span: 100,000 swipes;
– Supported card type: ISO-7816
Standard level A, B and C (5V).
Magnetic stripe reader – Conform to ISO-7811, AAMVA, CADMV
– Reading speed: 10-180cm/sec;
– Magnetic head life: 500 thousand times;
– Bi-direction card swiping.
Pin Pad – Total 16 keys;
– Support DES&3DES and 2048 bit RSA
– Password self-protection function
(invalid upon external destroy).
Thermal Receipt
-With cutter, With paper sensor,
– Printing width:80mm;
– Printing speed: 150mm/s.